Awaken your senses with Essidy triple scented all natural aromatherapy massage candles. Proudly hand poured in Queensland Australia using the finest quality natural and local ingredients. We perfectly blend together combined fragrances creating an aromatic high your senses will thank you for.

Every element of our products is carefully considered to ensure that natural resources are utilised to their full potential and that environmental cost is low. Our commitment to sustainability extends not just to the design of our products, but to every aspect of Essidy. From conception to conclusion our aim is to generate as little impact on the environment as we can. 

Our jars are reusable as well, so once you’re finished simply wash them out with hot water and you have a new jar to store things in.

"Our vision is to offer world class Australian made products and create a gift of affordable luxury, which reflects natural living, inspires the senses and nurtures the human spirit" 

Our point of difference is our carefully curated aromatherapy essential oil blends...

Scent plays an important role in our lives as it influences our behaviour:

  • The Limbic system controls our emotions and the learning and formation of memories.
  • It is located in the middle of the brain on both sides of the thalamus, just beneath the cerebrum.
  • This complicated collection of nerves and networks in the brain is the epicentre for basic emotions, and human drives and motivations.
  • Scents tap into our emotions and therein rests their power to influence and motivate.

This is why scent can greatly influence our emotions, moods, and behaviours. And by creating fragrances that bring positive experiences to our everyday activities and contribute to our self care routines, we want to help boost people’s happiness and improve people’s lives.